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Where People Resonate
An Energies~Community distinguishes between
peoples' Natural Energies, which are Authentic
and their Forced Energies, which are Noise                            :

IARW CommLogo Person Energies Authentic.png
IARW CommLogo Person.png

     Terry Speaks
Terry: "When I am speaking I feel like I am expressing myself from inside in ways that don't happen when I'm writing".

        Chris Sings
Chris: "I don't feel like I'm writing the songs, I feel like I am the songs and the songs are me".

IARW CommLogo Person.png
IARW CommLogo Person.png

       David Seeks
David: "My condition has helped me sense myself and let go of what's not me".

The participants in an Energies~Community sense and separate the Authentic energies from the Noise energies that are continually flowing in and around them - and sense themselves, the world, and the connections between them in a completely different way than seeing-hearing-touching.  And: connections are a crucial contributor to wellness for People and for the Community, and energies enhance connections. 

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