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My Own Keeper

My situation has converted the question "Am I my brother's keeper?" into the statement "I am My Own Keeper".


I am on the path of MCI > Dementia > Alzheimer's > Death which leads to only one place - the choice between two deaths.  In the first death I live as me until I die as me.  In the second death I no longer exist but rather a minimally-functional body continues after I have left it, and then after what may be a very long time the body itself reaches death.


I choose the first death.  I will live fully, even more fully than I would have without Alzheimer's as described at, and then as I approach the black line I will say my goodbyes and depart this world.  This will not be self-inflicted death - the death has already been inflicted on me, I am fulfilling my function as My Own Keeper in choosing when and how my death will occur.

David Talmor segment

1 min 37 sec


Kan 11 Newsmagazine broadcast 08 July 2023

Full broadcast

Alzheimer's segment starts at 40:58

David Talmor segment starts at 48:08

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