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Above Earth

Upshift for Business is part of
the Upshift Movement

Upshift: learning to relate to the Authentic rather than to Distractions

Business: knowing that it is a Resonating~Business
within the Resonating~World

Upshift for Business


Ervin Laszlo /

The Laszlo Institute

Upshift for Business applies the principles of Upshift to businesses and business owners

About Upshift:

Creating a world in which we live in harmony with each other and with life on the planet is feasible. But to create it we must know how to live more wisely in our own life, right here and now. This is the task and the opportunity. Waking up and acting on it is in our own vital and immediate interest.

Authentic and Distractions


Authentic and Distractions are key concepts in Upshift for Business - the process starts with the Authentic energies and frequencies of the owners which guide the internal and external operation of the business, and the process is constantly alert for Distractions which reduce the integrity and the value of the Upshift.

The Great Upshift
including the chapter
Shifting to a Resonating World:
The Great Upshift for Business

by David Talmor

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