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Resonating~Business in a Resonating~World
A Resonating~Business resonates with how the world works
in its Management, Structure, and Operations

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What does it mean to become a Resonating~Business?

A Resonating~Business is one that:

  • connects with a global vision of a Resonating~World and the role of energy, frequency and vibration as described by Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein

  • resonates with its owners in terms of their energies / frequencies / vibrations

  • resonates internally with employees and processes

  • resonates externally with customers, suppliers, the community in which the business operates, and the environment.  This includes the design and delivery of the products and services that the business offers.

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What is "Resonating"?

People, things, and everything in the world are constantly transmitting and receiving energies that aren't seen or felt, but by which they all interact through Resonating as shown here:

When we view the world we are not used to thinking in terms of energy, frequency and vibration, rather we are used to thinking in terms of things and what we can sense.  Thinking in terms of a Resonating~World and Resonating~Business provides us with a completely new perspective and understanding of the world, ourselves, and business.


Resonating between two people or two things creates a relationship between the two people or things.  When one person feels that he/she is resonating with another person it means that energy frequencies are being transmitted and received between them.  Resonating may be felt or understood by a person as intuition, emotions, group belonging, or in other forms.  A business, its values and messages, products and product designs, all transmit energy frequencies that may resonate with employees, customers, and suppliers.










A Resonating~Business goes through a process that corresponds to what in traditional business terms is called development of a Business Plan.  However for a Resonating~Business this is unlike standard business practice in that the Resonating~Business is viewed in terms of its own energies and its relationship to the energies of its surroundings.  For example the traditional goal of a business may be "to maximize profit and shareholder value" while a Resonating~Business' goal may be defined as "resonate with the Owners' energy frequencies and create channels for resonating between the Business and its employees, customers, and suppliers".

Download a One-Page pdf Summary of Resonating~Business in a Resonating~World

Being a Resonating~Business supports being an effective business by aligning energy inputs most effectively to create the desired output of the Resonating~Business.  An important part of understanding Resonating~Business is understanding leadership which is connecting with people to advance a vision and powership which is the effort to gain and maintain power - business management often contains elements of both and it is valuable to understand their meaning and connection.  The importance of resonating frequencies is shown in the following clips - in the first clip energy is being input with little result, but in the second clip energy (pushing) is input at the natural frequency of the system (the swing set) relatively little effort is needed to achieve a large result (high swinging):

Non-Resonating System

In a non-Resonating System the frequencies of the energy input (pushing), the energy flow (the swing set), and the energy output (swinging) are not in alignment, so that a relatively large amount of energy is input (constant pushing) with relatively little result (no swinging).

Resonating System

In a Resonating System the frequencies of the energy input (pushing), the energy flow (the swing set), and the energy output (swinging) are aligned so that they resonate.  The resonance of these frequencies leads to a relatively small amount of energy input (pushing according to the swing frequency) providing a relatively large result (high swinging).

Awareness of the business' energies lets it use those energies more effectively.

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