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The world is energies.  Viewing the world as energies, instead of as things, changes all.  For a person, conception and death are the key re-resonating points of the energies that form the person.

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Re-Resonating is when the resonating between energies changes. The major re-resonating points for a person are conception, when a set of energies come together to form what we identify as the physical person, and death, when the energies change their resonating and stop forming what we physically identify as the person.

Re-resonating happens to each person continually, from the common such as usual growth or deterioration in physical / mental / emotional abilities, changes to routine, minor illness, intuition / deja-vu / "gut-feeling" / dreams etc. to the exceptional such as significant physical / mental / emotional change
s, Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences, MCI / dementia, and other re-resonating events.  For a person, as the resonating energies that came together in the form of a specific "person" ceases, that "person" has died but the energies continue and shift to resonate with other energies - the energies are re-resonating.  We can consider these various transitions as being positive or negative, and we can relate to their degree of impact on ourselves and the world, but they are all re-resonating.
Re-resonating provides the way to truly understand the unity of the world, the connections between people, and the dynamics of how the world works.


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