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for a Couple

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A Couple is an energies entity
A Couple's energies may be seen through exploring their background, interviews, and other sources.  In this example we are going directly to the source: the Couple, Fried and Rika (Couple name: Frika) were the initial inspiration for exploring the function of energies in human activity, which led to Its~A~Resonating~World.  There are many aspects of their relationship that relate to energies, and Fried and Rika pay attention to put energies into their relationship in many ways - here is an example:

"RICHUALS" are a great way to bring energies into a relationship - activity that the couple creates for the purpose of enriching the relationship.  They are much different than rituals that are carried out routinely / automatically and without relationship energies

... and the result of authentic energies

is authentic people

in an authentic relationship.

The principles of electromagnetic energies are relevant to the Couple

There are many energies in action in a relationship between two people - each person has her / his own energies, and the Couple itself is a separate energies entity that both people are interacting with.  The energy dynamics for a Couple include:

  • Frequencies - each person has Natural Frequencies (the person's authentic energies) and Forced Frequencies (energies from outside the person).  An important step in achieving an authentic relationship, as described above, is for each person to be tuned to his / her authentic energies and distinguish those from the Forced Energies that come from many sources in the environment

  • Resonance/Dissonance - the degree to which energies align between the members of the Couple, and each of them with the Couple entity

  • Amplitude - amplitude is the strength of the energies in the Couple, and can be guided to produce either constructive or destructive results.  Richuals are an example of the constructive use of amplitude (interference), they strengthen the positive aspects of the relationship and their strength diminishes relatively the less-positive aspects of  the relationship.  Destructive amplitude (interference) is non-productive noise at relatively high volume.

  • Transmission/Reception - the effectiveness of communications and interactions between the Couple, made up of how effectively energies (information, feelings, emotions, needs, desires, etc.) are transmitted by one person and received by the other person

  • Energy Diffusion or Blockage - impact of the medium through which energies are passing on the energies, such as cultural/language/background issues, physical elements, etc.


The Principles of Energies May be Applied to the Couple to Open
New Understandings of their Condition and Dynamics
The energies principles described above can point to many ways in which the dynamics of a couple may be seen, related to, and adjusted.  An example of this is "Opening the Table", in which the couple faces a situation of disagreement or misunderstanding and "Opens the Table" in order to tune into each other:

Its~A~Resonating~World also applies to Dating, as a potential couple explores the development of a relationship.  Each side can intentionally broadcast the energies that they would like to see in a relationship, and then sense the resonance to those energies that come back from the other person.  Talking about things as energies is particularly powerful in exploring each other openly without evoking a personal/defensive response.  This is a great way to get an additional sense for the potential (or lack of potential) of a relationship.

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