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>>to sense and resonate with natural frequencies (internal authentic vibrations) from all sources including from within an individual, and
>>to sense and control forced frequencies/distractions (external vibrations) from all sources.

A Resonating~Community is a community that develops and practices two skills among its participants:

The participants in a Resonating~Community sense the energies that are continually flowing in and around them - and sense themselves, the world, and connections in a completely different way than seeing-hearing-touching: 

IARW Communities Logo.png
IARW Communities Logo.png
IARW Communities Logo.png
IARW Communities Logo.png
IARW Communities Logo.png
IARW Communities Logo.png
Stained House

A Resonating~Community comes about through a simple process:

Understand a few techniques of energy-sensing, and the basic nature of frequencies

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(it's not rocket science)

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Practice using these techniques together with other participants in the community

Imagine the effect that sensing energies rather than seeing things will have on the community, on a broader group, and on the world


Use the techniques as appropriate to practice, to give others a chance to feel them, and to bring about the Resonating~World.

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