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Death is Different in the Resonating~World

We think of Death in terms of a Things-World.  We say that things like plants or animals or people or groups or businesses die when they cease to continue in the form that we are familiar with.

Actually our Resonating~World is energies that disperse and re-resonate into different forms, but it is energies that themselves are neither born nor die: this is basic to how our world works.  It's what we are and what happens to us.  Life, Death, and the World are all about the energies that flow in them.


The energies that we choose to amplify during our Resonating~Life
continue to resonate in the Resonating~World

when we transform to Resonating~Death

The Bible relates to Resonating~Death by saying that at a certain point we/our energies "fly away":

Psalm 90 10.png

Relating to the transition from Resonating~Life to Resonating~Death leads us to feel and be part of changing energy flows such as MCI~and~MEE as I am learning on my own MCI~Journey, through my process of feeling my condition and saying goodbyes as I proceed to my Resonating~Death

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