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The MCI Journey






The MCI Journey is only in the direction of the arrows, there is no reversing direction

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MCI Journey of Kelly Hollins, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, UK
MCI Journey of David Talmor, Jerusalem

The MCI Journey is part of The Alzheimer's Conversation

Balak Portion, July 2022
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Lesson in the MRI Waiting Room

Anchor David Talmor

MCI Journey of:
David Talmor
started MCI Journey
07 Oct 2022 in Neurologist's office

13 Oct 2022
1 min 25 sec

15 Oct 2022
0 min 42 sec

0 min 22 sec

18 Oct 2022
0 min 42 sec

MCI as a “Golden Moment”


My experience with MCI Mild Cognitive Impairment is that it is a golden moment - a change from the usual as the thinking-feeling balance shifts, but before dementia/Alzheimer's do their evil damage to human functioning.  As I write this in March 2023 I remain at the MCI stage and haven’t gone further, and accept some loss of memory but am very alert to any sign of a problem with my ability to function in life (carry out familiar activities) which would indicate that I am transitioning to the next stage.


In what ways is MCI a “Golden Moment”?  What I feel the most and enjoy the most is that my guts are taking over some of what my head is used to handling.  When something happens - I hear or see something, I need to do something, a situation arises that I need to relate to - it first goes through my guts and I FEEL it and have an initial connection/response, and only then does my mind get involved to think it through.  This is not a long process each time and occurs entirely within a few moments but it makes a big difference in how I feel and how I relate to the world - and I’m glad to be able to use this approach!  The word / feeling / actions / approach / connections of "Release" are quite present now.  Together with MCI Mild Cognitive Impairment comes MEE Mild Emotional EnhancementIt’s not always simple and I actually cry a lot, not crying from sadness or pain but from feeling and connecting, and MCI has put me in a place that I value and am glad to be in and will be glad to stay in for as long as possible.  Following this comes decline, approaching the point of being non-functional, and coming to my Resonating~Death.

I’ll be glad to hear of your MCI experiences - please write me at  

21 Oct 2022
0 min 31 sec

Sky Clouds.jpg

Billowy clouds, storm-front clouds, and blue sky, all together (today)

25 Oct 2022 0 min 24 sec (audio)

30 Oct 2022
0 min 32 sec

First "Goodbye"
27 Jan 2023
0 min 58 sec

A Golden Moment
23 Feb 2023
1 min 01 sec

Feeling Death and Feeling Life - Song
23 March 2023
1 min 03 sec

MCI - A Path to a Place Worse than Death
10 May 2023
1 min 44 sec

"I Heard it Through the Grapevine
and I'm Just About to Lose My Mind" original
29 June 2023
0 min 46 sec

MCI My Own Keeper Cover Graphic.jpg

My Own Keeper
08 July 2023
Kaan television interview
(English in pdf file)

UWMA Cover Graphic.jpg

Until We Meet Again by Bentley Kalaway
16 July 2023
"Let's sing the song that never ends ... "

MCI and the Circle of Time
03 August 2023
1 min 06 sec

"Ceremony of Affirmation" /
"טקס המשכה"
06 August 2023
1 min 29 sec

MCI Kaan Makshivim Cover Graphic.jpg

Facing Alzheimer's
9 August 2023
"Kaan Makshivim" interview
15 min 15 sec

Something Different's Happening
24 August 2023
3 min 15 sec

In Addition to Cognitive and Emotional: Spiritual
28 August 2023
30 sec

A Very Stressing Event
03 September 2023
50 se

Israel Dreamin'
05 September 2023
27 sec
This song occurred to me at the beginning of this morning's walk.  I'm in a turbulent period and often think about the "brown" and "gray" and "winter" of the original song, and this morning I wanted to have this version available as well.  I won't call it a "Swan Song" because I'm not there but this song (both versions) feels like part of the severe swirl I'm in.

How It's Happening
06 September 2023
43 se

Live Interview with Matan Pe'er
Channel 13 (Hebrew)
13 September 2023
7 minutes 41 se

A Bizarre Path
to a New Place
18 September 2023
4 minutes 11 se

Emotional Inheritance /
"I'll Take It From Here"
11 October 2023
0 minutes 55 se

Making Videos to the Living
23 October 2023
1 minute 15 se

Part of Saying Goodbye
10 November 2023
1 minute 34 se

A Very Scary Seizure
05 January 2024
1 minute 48 se

Anchor Kelly Hollins

MCI Journey of:
Kelly Hollins
Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, UK
started MCI Journey
March 2023

MCIJ Kelly 7 20230325.jpg

Learning to Deal with MCI


24 March 2023

I was diagnosed with MCI two weeks ago and I am trying to figure things out and deal with this brain disease that steal our memories away.

I would be honoured to be able to help spread awareness of MCI as I do not really know much about it.

25 March 2023

Other people's beautiful moments are amazing and I too love nature.  I am in another world when I am surrounded by nature.  It is as if I just forget all of life's difficulties and struggles and I feel at peace when surrounded by such beauty and I love listening to the crashing of the waves on the beach, they are my happy places.  Nature is my sense of relief and tranquility.


I find myself not wanting to be in busy places with so many people and when people are chatting away, I get so confused and lose track of the conversation, it is overwhelming a lot lately.  I cannot seem to take in large amounts of information anymore and I feel scared at times, my head gets all muddled and family and friends do not understand and it is becoming very frustrating and I have felt very alone, with this awful brain disease that seems to come from nowhere.


I can feel other peoples' pain, worries, and struggle.  Our struggle is real and it seems like a very scary road that we are on but I now see that there is a light at the end of that tunnel and that we must do what feels right for ourselves.  Making memories and enjoying all the people that we know and love, seems so important now but I also feel that I need time alone to think and take everything in, with no noise or interruptions and sometimes I feel at such a loss, that i just do not know what to say or do.


I myself have four wonderful children, an amazing grandson, aged one year and eight months and another grandson on the way.  Raising children is so hard, so many joys, tears, heartbreak and pain.  Our hearts break when they are hurting too.  Sometimes we have to laugh about it or we will just cry and not stop, I think.

I have been very emotional as well lately and I was thinking to myself, why am I crying over so many things?  I now realise crying is beautiful too.


I wish all a calm and peaceful day.

26 March 2023

To all fellow MCI-ers:

May God give you strength  to face whatever hand that you are dealt with.

May He shower you with protection, love, good health, peace and contentment and may He always guide you by His beautiful light and love, Amen.

God loves you unconditionally and I thoroughly believe through hardship comes ease.

Life is not promised to us, it is unmeasurable.

Each loved one is only borrowed and God can take them away from us at any given moment.

We must take time to fully appreciate what and whom we have in our lives and try to avoid negative people and those that make us feel down or sad.

We need to be surrounded by love, warmth and understanding people, those that genuinely care and love us.

14 April 2023

The days seem to pass by so quickly, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  My husband took me away for a few day's break in Lincolnshire, it was a lovely secluded Scandinavian cabin, exactly what we both needed, a breath of fresh air, surrounded by nature & horses.  It felt like a little piece of heaven.

I am really feeling the beauty of our world and I have always found nature to be the most soothing place to be in, the noise of the bird's singing away, the sunshine, the clouds, the rain, the insects and creatures, it all has beauty within. I am thoroughly absorbing the "golden moments" but i also feel all of the hurt in this world, the pain, the struggles, everything seems to be combined into one at this  moment in time, beauty, darkness, light, pain, joy and sadness, it feels so very overwhelming with so many different emotions.

Even though we are many miles apart, I no longer feel alone on this journey, I feel like we are travelling this unknown and scary road that lies ahead of both of us, together, and that feeling of connecting is very important right now as I feel like I am disconnecting from many things, the things that I once enjoyed and the things that seemed so important before, now seem less important.

I wish I had a magic wand to ease the suffering in this world but without any suffering, there would be no humanity at all.

"Even the pain has taught me to see" is explained beautifully in the song.

I believe that there is a reasoning behind everything as everything is God's plan and He is the best of planners, He knows what is best for us, even if we cannot understand or even comprehend why we are in the situations that we find ourselves in.  He will never burden us with more than we can handle and to Him we shall all return. For those who believe and do good deeds of righteousness, gardens of paradise await us, where the most beautiful rivers flow beneath, sweetly fragranced, to dwell in for eternity.  It contains all that the soul desires and all that the eyes can delight in, everlasting bliss.  It is our reward, our greatest gift from our Creator, for those who have done good, will delight in the presence of God, our beloved Prophet and the angels.  It is beyond our imagination.  Every single second that we are granted here on earth, is so very precious. I thank God everyday for all of His amazing blessings.


If you have MCI and would like to be on this journey together with other people with MCI please let us know:

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