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Be a
and feel the energies flow

A couple resonates when the two are on the same frequency -

this connects them in ways they don't even realize

"Good vibes" aren't just a feeling, they are very real

and we can make them happen

A couple resonates when they match their frequencies to each other . . .

The power of resonating frequencies is shown in ths clip - at the beginning of the clip energy is being input with little result, but when the energy (pushing) is input at the natural frequency of the system (the swing) relatively little effort is needed to achieve a large result (high swinging):

. . . which also helps the couple tune out

the "noise" frequencies

Resonating between two people or two things is an actual frequency action that physically affects the person being resonated and creates a relationship between the two people or things.  When one person feels that he/she is resonating with another person it means that frequencies being transmitted by the other person are being received by and interacting with the same frequencies within the person feeling the frequencies.  Resonating may be felt or understood by a person as intuition, emotions, group belonging, or in other forms.

A Resonating~Couple creates resonance to

swing higher and farther - together

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