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The Science of Resonating

Vibrations/frequencies resonate with each other

in very definable, measurable ways


Example of

The Science of Resonating:

Tuning Forks

Tuning forks show very clearly the functioning and the result of Resonating

The Art of Resonating

Vibrations/frequencies resonate with each other

in ways for which the source of the vibes, vibe frequency, and sensing organ are not clear


Example of

The Art of Resonating:

Gut Feeling

Gut Feeling - different organs feel (resonate with) different frequencies that come into a person's body, and then send signals to the brain.  The Art of Resonating accepts that we can not know where all  vibrations entering a person's body come from (they may also be generated within the body), what frequencies they are at, which gut organs they resonate with, or the exact signal sent to the brain as a result of the resonating:

Average Body Organ Frequencies Diagram.jpg

The variability and uncertainty of Gut Feeling places it in

The Art of Resonating rather than in The Science of Resonating with its precise measurement.

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