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CC2PP: The Evolution of Business + Society

Corporate Capitalism to Profitable Peopleism

People-Centered Profitable Business

The difference is the core value of the company - what the company is about:

  • Corporate Capitalism is about Money and relates to people as it sees fit

  • Profitable Peopleism is about People and relates to money as it sees fit

The journey and the destination are both important.

The CC2PP approach recognizes the importance of profit to a business and its owners, and at the same time views the business from the perspective of people - all the people that the business touches including owners, employees, customers, suppliers, and reaching beyond direct connections to the society as a whole and to the world in which the business operates.

CC2PP is an intentional transition and transformation rather than a one-time event.  This process includes, among other elements:

  • awareness of each Person as a Person, in addition to the person's function related to the company

  • mapping of Resonating among People and throughout the company

  • inclusion of People sections in the Business Plan and other documents

CC2PP uses this Peopleism foundation in planning for a Profitable company.

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