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The Role of Resonating in Health

Resonating~Health expresses itself in two ways: the health of individuals and resonating within the healthcare system.  Resonating~Health is about how people relate to their own and others' physical and emotional health and to healthcare, rather than about the medical aspects of health, and so addresses an aspect of health that is usually overlooked or under-addressed.


The Resonating~Health approach brings understanding of the resonating by which the world works to the benefit of the health of individuals and the functioning of the healthcare system.

The interaction among patients themselves can support Resonating~Health, as happened in the MRI waiting room at a major hospital.  The two patients who subsequently described this event reported that the energies of this interaction had a particularly positive effect on their healthcare experience.

Abstract Man

The Resonating~Health of an individual is connected to the person's internal Authentic frequencies expressing themselves outwardly and is negatively impacted by external Forced frequencies reaching a person, as many have described in different ways.  For example about the ill health effects of Forced frequencies in a 38 second video Eckhart Tolle describes how to identify, catch, and neutralize a Forced frequency (in this case Anger).

Nurse And Patient In Waiting Room

The healthcare system is comparable in certain ways to Resonating~Business, such that the healthcare system itself can resonate and more effectively deliver the healthcare that is its objective.  An example of how to accomplish this is to recognize and value the positive energies of a healthcare facility's professional staff that are often present but unrecognized or overlooked - recognizing such energies is like tapping the tuning fork in the video above, and leads to many more such vibrations throughout the facility.

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