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Everything Is Energies
for an Organization

Example:  Show that The Presencing Institute is an energies organization
The first step is to gather information about the Organization through research, interviews, and other sources.  In this example The Presencing Institute is based on Theory U.  There are many aspects of Theory U that relate to energies as shown here.  There are many references to energies during u.lab sessions such as Resonance and energies within the body, and Otto Scharmer described some energies aspects of Theory U in his conversation with GAIA Israel (extract from conversation follows):

Right Ego, Right Eco - Ego and Eco are on one continuum, and system change starts with a person connecting with his/her Natural Frequencies

Make Visible the Invisible - the energies dimension is critical to understanding and action and so must become visible in our perception of the world

Personal and Institutional Energy - the language of change must include the concepts and terminologies of energies

Sessions as Holding the Space for Energies - Dr. Scharmer also described the energies dynamic within GAIA/u.lab sessions, in which the essence of a session is to create a space in which the participants' energies flow

Additional indicators of The Presencing Institute as an energies Organization include its Anthroposophic lineage, connection to social and political conditions and trends, the activities of its Founder and Team, etc.

The principles of electromagnetic energies apply to and are relevant to The Presencing Institute

As shown above Frequencies/Resonance are frequently referred to by and in The Presencing Institute and are an important part of its activities and processes.  Other energy behaviors that are important to The Presencing Institute include:

  • Amplitude - the degree of the energies of the participants/teams which strongly impacts an initiatives' success in achieving its objectives

  • Resonance/Dissonance - the degree to which energies align between entrepreneurs, team members, stakeholders, targets, and other players

  • Transmission/Reception - the effectiveness of communications and interactions among all the elements of an initiative

  • Energy Diffusion or Blockage - impact of the medium through which energies are passing on the energies, such as cultural/language issues etc.

  • Natural Energies/Forced Energies - critical to understanding Ego-Eco as described above

as well as others.  Understanding these principles of energies helps understand The Presencing Institute and how it can enhance its effectiveness.

The Principles of Energies Apply to The Presencing Institute to Open New Understandings of its Condition and Dynamics
The energies principles described above can point to many ways in which the dynamics of The Presencing Institute may be viewed.  For example:
> Creating Spaces for Energies - there are many places where this principle may be used in addition to within sessions, such as opening a room for participant interaction prior to Zoom sessions instead of the Wait screen, replacing the Excel spreadsheet which provides data about some Teams with a space for interaction, an energies interaction exercise in place of the opening meditation, spaces for broader community members to interact, and many others
> Ego/Eco - the importance of interiority in changemaking as Dr. Scharmer mentioned is not emphasized or even mentioned, and would be a value aspect of The Presencing Institutes' work
> Language - use of the language of energies would contribute to definitions of objectives and methods for achieving those objectives as well as to expressing the dynamic nature of The Presencing Institutes' mission, and affect the mindset of the participants (for example to ask during conversations "what energies are you feeling when you say that?")
> Balance of Energies between Process and Result - some Teams are investing so much energy in the Process that they are not getting to a Result.  Tuning this balance of energies may lead to a more effective overall experience
> Amplitude is an important factor in each Teams' progress, Resonance/Dissonance affect how effectively The Presencing Institute interacts with its members and they with their broader participants, and Transmission/Reception are the mechanics of interaction that of course have broad impact on The Presencing Institutes' activities
> In terms of Theory U, energies should be added into the Source at the bottom of the iceberg - they come even before Paradigms of Thought and are invisible at their core but express themselves in What Does Not Appear and in What Appears.
These and other applications of energies principles result from the Everything Is Energies process being applied to The Presencing Institute.  In addition, an Energies Mapping of The Presencing Institute would be a useful way to represent, understand, and adjust the energies within the Organization.

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