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Resonating Creates
many things as it occurs:

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1. Resonating Creates Systems

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When two (or more) independent objects resonate with each other, a system is created

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The objects may be viewed together as a system instead of, or in addition to, being viewed as separate objects.

The effect of the resonating is maintained by each of the objects which resonated.

Each of the objects may resonate with other objects, thus creating other systems.

2. Resonating Defines Physical Form

The connection between frequencies/resonating and the creation of physical form is shown in the process of cymatics.

The frequency resonates with the liquid to create different forms of the liquid based on the different frequencies and the characteristics of the liquid.

3. Resonating Provides Self-Definiton

A system may be understood in terms of the frequencies with which it resonates.

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4. Resonating Creates a "Flow" Mindset

Through Resonating we see "flows" in addition to our usual seeing "what is"

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5. Resonating Creates and Strengthens Relationships

When we identify and tune into another person's frequencies we resonate with the person, which creates or strengthens our relationship with the person

Resonating is not just an outcome of the interaction of a frequency and an object ~ resonating is a creative process as shown above.

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