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The Alzheimer's Conversation takes place between a person with Early-Stage Alzheimer's and his/her family while the person is still lucid and able to participate in the Conversation.  The intention of The Alzheimer's Conversation is that as terribly terribly difficult it is to hold The Alzheimer's Conversation, it is much more difficult for all involved to have Alzheimer's progress and have its awful impact without having had The Alzheimer's Conversation.

MCI Kaan Makshivim Cover Graphic.jpg

Interview about facing Alzheimer's
Orit Navon, Kan Makshivim (subtitles)

Interview about facing Alzheimer's
Matan Pe'er, Channel 13 (Hebrew)

During The Alzheimer's Conversation the participants face into what is coming.  The Converation may include topics such as:

  > the Journey ahead MCI~Journey
  > possible changes in the person's behavior in areas including

     emotional MCI~and~MEE or spiritual MCI~and~MSE
  > need for and alternatives in care for the person
  > the effect that the situation will have on all the participants
  > planning for saying goodbyes and for closure

The participants may choose to conduct The Alzheimer's Conversation themselves, or get help in having someone else involved in The Alzheimer's Conversation.  The point is for the participants to have The Alzheimer's Conversation while they all still can.

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